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0.9.4 released at 2016-07-20

This plugin is an alternative Scoretable, it´s looks nicer (that´s my opinion) and shows more nicer information of each Player:

  • Player Position
  • Player Avatar
  • Player Nickname
  • Amount how often this Map was finished
  • The current best Time/Score for this Map
  • The personal best Time/Score for this Map
  • Last-Score for the last Round
  • Total-Score at this Server and this Session
  • The current Ladder-Score
  • The current Ladder-Rank
  • The Online-Time since connect to this Server

Supported Gamemodes

  • Rounds
  • TimeAttack
  • Team
  • Laps
  • Cup
  • Stunts

The Layout of the Scoretable in Team-Mode is just a little bit different as the other one.


  • The Total Ladder-Score are display delayed for one Track, because the 'LadderScore' in the ListMethod GetCurrentRanking from the dedicated Server are not refreshed within the Score. It takes some time the 'LadderScore' is refreshed.
  • Hardcoded limit of Players in Scoretable in the Gamemodes Rounds, TimeAttack, Stunts, Laps and Cup are 300 and 40 Players in Gamemode Team (20 Players for each Team).


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